Bulba Ventures was founded in march 2018 by Yury Melnichek (founder of MAPS.ME & AIMATTER) and Andrei Avsievich (ex top-manager of «Atlant-M» & «Triple»)

Our mission

We aspire to improve the quality of human lives by funding machine learning startups.



An AI startup known for fabby — a mobile application allowing you to change the background on photos and videos. aimatter was the first in building a technology which allows the changing of the background on a streaming video.

Acquired by G o o g l e


A free navigation app first launched in 2011. MAPS.ME helps users to not only get information about their current location but also allows offline search, building itineraries, putting marks on a map, importing and exporting marks and itineraries.

Acquired by Mail.Ru


An Enterprise data company that is working to fundamentally change the way people interact with data. We provide a Natural Language Search Interface for Enterprise data, which enables non-technical team members to access data quickly and easily, using their own language, without the need for expensive developers or database professionals.

Acquired by ServiceNow


A free-for-all precision farming platform that allows farmers to monitor field conditions online. All products within OneSoil platform use high precision data from satellite images. Platform users can calculate the right amount of fertilizers, monitor climate change and make field notes.


A mobile video editor with an object segmentation technology. With the help of computer-vision-based video segmentation algorithms and a custom rendering engine for video effects, the app helps to apply high-quality effects on single objects in 1080p videos in real-time on mobile devices.


A motion tracking yoga assistant. Zenia team recreates the experience of yoga practice with the instructor, putting emphasis on keeping the practice safe and providing real-time feedback to users. The core technology is based on algorithms of computer vision and neural networks.


Personal trainer for professional athletes and healthy lifestyle amateurs that includes fitness-tracker, mobile app and web-platform for coaches. RocketBody uses EKG/ECG readings to identify peak training periods and helps users get a clear understanding of their shape. It also provides more accurate nutrition and workout plans through the app, as well as full analytic access for teams training process.


Data-driven longevity startup Gero develops novel therapeutics to extend healthspan and offers risk assessment tools for insurance and healthcare. Gero presented a physics-based explanation of aging fundamentals turned into cutting-edge platform for targets and biomarkers identification. Recent results: life-extending compounds, wearable-based biomarkers, healthspan genetics and healthspan prediction app.

Belarus tech report 2019

Belarus tech
report 2019

Complex overview of the state of Belarusian tech including IT industry dynamics & TOP-100 startups database


startups need bulba ventures

  • Startups become members of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and receive all benefits of Decree «On digital economy development»: a comfortable working and legal environment

  • Direct access to technical and business expertise to drive projects further

  • Early-stage investments

  • Support from key partners and strongest mentors



  • Yury Melnichek

    Yury Melnichek

  • Andrei Avsievich

    Andrei Avsievich

  • Anna Melnichek

    Anna Melnichek

    legal counsel
  • Anna Pozniak

    Anna Pozniak



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  • SMM / Community Manager
  • (Java/.Net) BackEnd software engineer
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